One of the most important things in the baby room is colors. The most usually parent choose color that are dependent on their baby gender. If they have a baby girl, the pink color is chosen, if it is a boy – blue color. But any color parents choose, all they are suitable. If it is decided to paint a room, the paints that are using there should not be toxic and absolutely ecologic, not be dangerous for the baby.

Baby room painting ideas baby room wall
Baby room wall

When parent paint a baby’s room, they should remember that the walls of this room is the perfect place for their imagination. They can be not only painted with one color, there also can be little wonderful animals, the characters of a fairy – tales or the cartoons. Parents can always use some stencils for painting walls. It is better to use not matted paints, but at least a half shiny paints. Then it will be easier to clean the walls.

Baby room painting ideas baby room painting
Baby room painting

Painted walls can be decorated with fun pictures, paintings, photos. Parents are encouraging to paint the walls of a room creatively, but they should not overdo colors and variety of them. Because the room that are overfilled by different colors can annoy a baby and be not the best place for him/ her, but to became into a place where baby could not sleep well because of all these things that are irritating. So parents clearly should be not only creative, but responsible too, because it is proved that the interior of a baby, room has an influence to the child’s character and his personality.

One more good idea is to paint walls in a baby’s room in chosen color and then stick some colorful stickers with sweet pictures on them. The decision to paint the walls in a baby room is a really practical one, because when a little bit bigger child will dirty the walls, some spots could be hidden with a sticker or painted newly.

Baby room painting ideas baby room ideas
Baby room ideas

Children till their age of four years like bright colors as red, purple, pink, so, the combination of these colors can be harmoniously used in a room. But it is mostly advised to paint a baby’s room with white, brightly green, yellow, blue paints.