Oriental interior is getting more and more popular so and we can see more often niches in the walls. They do not only make room bigger but and looks originally.

Wall Niches – new fancy design art niches livingroom
Art niches livingroom

When you are integrating niches in the walls you should take attention to lighting made specially for them. If you are thinking about niches when you are just planing interior it is easier, because you can plan its lighting, thinking and about the rest of house lighting. And if niches are made in already finished room you can get some separate illuminators.

Wall Niches – new fancy design wall niches design
Wall niches design

Of course, we can not leave free place maded with niches help. Niche – is a great place for pictures or some big photos, bookshelf or even for aquarium to put. And near niche antiquarian table-lamp or the same style overstuffed armchair would look grate.

Also niche can be and different with its size, but it is just for your imagination what you are going to do with it.What can I say from my side  about home decorating like this ? I have seen lots of niches in a different interior. Some people even puts TV in it and with special lighting it looks very good and interesting, because you won‘t see it in much places. Others are just putting special lights with photos and the best place for this, which I have seen was in wall next to stairs.

Wall Niches – new fancy design bedroom niches design
Bedroom niches design

Wall Niches – new fancy design Wall niches
Wall niches

With niches help you can create an interior, which no one will have, so this is one more reason why a design like this is good idea. Let your fantasy come true, special colors, lighting, and you will have a design which you like.